Sustainable Insulation products in the Scottish construction industry

Finding the right fit for natural fibre and circular insulation.

Sustainable Materials

The UK home insulation market alone is huge and worth over £800 million per year. Of this, a staggeringly small amount is made up of natural insulation products – around 1%.  The opportunity to support the growth of more sustainable insulations is therefore huge. BE-ST and ZWS asked the University of Edinburgh to prepare a report looking into the availability, performance, manufacturing supply chains and market analysis of Natural Fibre and Circular Insulation options.


The research will help answer questions surrounding the drivers needed to support the growth of this sector, the types of circular and sustainable insulation which are a potential for use in Scotland and the barriers for sustainable insulation and how these can be overcome. The report recommendations will inform the direction of other projects which are seeking to advance support in the insulation space.

  • Construction Leadership Forum
  • University of Edinburgh - Institute for Infrastructure and Environment (IIE)
  • Zero Waste Scotland
  • BE-ST