We provide the connections, infrastructure and culture needed to solve the sector’s most pressing challenges.

Explore ways we can add value and support your journey to zero carbon.

From working with us on funded projects and using our R&D expertise to attending our events, taking part in training or accessing key resources or knowledge, you can benefit from our growing ecosystem.   

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you accelerate to zero.

Receive the BE-ST support

We work FOR the whole sector and we work WITH those who can help us to do that best.

We work with anyone interested in accelerating to zero. We have something to offer for all businesses large or small.

We work in a unique space between industry, academia and government to find the best outcomes for all.  The types of organisation we work with include: 

  • Architects, suppliers, contractors, developers, housebuilders
  • Industry leaders, policy makers and key stakeholders
  • Scotland's universities and colleges
  • Professional bodies and trades associations
  • Funders
  • Skills bodies and providers
  • Local authorities and other public sector organisations 



We help business access knowledge, innovation, skills, physical assets and expertise to be more resilient, efficient and ultimately achieve zero carbon.

We give industry access to millions of pounds worth of equipment in our Innovation Factory, open to everyone. We run events and training programmes and work on projects to transform the sector.  

We also help businesses understand the type of culture, mindset and behaviours they need.

Areas of support: 

• Developing new products, business models and services
• Access to funding streams
• Exploring advanced equipment at our Innovation Factory
• Creating scalable solutions to industry challenges
• Accessing knowledge and skills

Funding for programmes and projects

We can invest in the right programmes aligned to our mission.
We offer some funding support for projects that meet specific criteria.

Signposting to other funding

We may not be able to invest in every proposal, but we do help connect those to appropriate funders such as the collaborative innovation fund.

Access to other assets

It is not always about the money, we have other assets industry can access.

For any organisation, big or small, innovation can help you be competitive, grow your business and enter new markets. New products, processes and skills can improve productivity and efficiency, generate increased sales opportunities and profits and create an engaged workforce and dynamic culture.

We can’t reach zero carbon on our own.

Most successful, scalable solutions are the result of collaboration between companies but also the public sector and academia.

We help bring together the best knowledge, experience, tools and people.   

We add the BE-ST value through:

Our connected ecosystem

Using our connected ecosystem to engage industry and other stakeholders - public sector partners, academia, trade associations - in innovation. We do this through facilitating collaboration, engagement and knowledge exchange.

Collaborative projects

Working on collaborative innovation projects with industry, academia and the public sector eg. project scoping, project management, project dissemination

The BE-ST Campus

Giving industry and our research partners access to a range of advanced equipment and technical expertise in our pioneering Zero Carbon Innovation Lab.

Future skills programmes

Supporting industry culture change and transformation through the development and delivery of future skills programmes and tools for sector leaders, educators and our current and future workforce.

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