About BE-ST

Built Environment – Smarter Transformation is what we strive to help the whole industry embrace.

Our mission is to accelerate the built environment’s transition to zero carbon emissions.

‘Accelerate to Zero’ is our road map that we are building to ensure any problems posed by building or retrofitting to zero carbon standards have ready-made solutions in place.

Enabling transformational change.

We build teams that will solve the sector’s most pressing challenges. By tapping into the leading expertise of universities, colleges, research & other built environment experts, BE-ST provides the connections and culture to make big ideas a reality.

Our home is Scotland but our reach is global.

As an international centre of excellence supported by Scottish Government, Scottish Funding Council and Scotland’s Enterprise Agencies, we collaborate across the entire built environment ecosystem, bringing together four key stakeholder groups; industry, academia, government & public sector, and Scotland’s citizens to accelerate the transition to zero carbon.

The type of organisations we collaborate with include private and public sector clients, architects, engineers and a range of other consultants, construction organisations from right across the supply chain, material, product and system manufacturers, local, national and international governments, policy makers, regulators and legislators, academic researchers, universities, colleges and other parts of the skills system, and the wider innovation landscape and centres of excellence in Scotland and across the globe.

Our Identity

BE-ST is the launchpad to a zero carbon built environment.

Our Vision

A better built environment that delivers inclusive and sustainable economic, social and environmental impact.

Our Mission

To accelerate the built environment’s transition to zero carbon.

Our Strategy

We provide the connections, infrastructure and culture needed to solve the sector’s most pressing challenges.

Our values

BE-ST is a dynamic organisation. We like to get things done and make change happen.

The built environment is complex, with a challenging mix of priorities and interdependencies that don’t always lead to the best outcomes. Delivering built assets often follows a fragmented model, meaning lots of stakeholders have responsibility for different bits of the system, which can lead to missed opportunities and added risk.

So we collaborate with organisations right across the ecosystem, enabling them to drive positive change by embedding innovation at the heart of their transformation plans. And purposeful collaboration is the secret sauce of innovation. When we find the win-win-win, we all win!

BE the connection

Bring people and organisations together.

BE open

Embrace inclusiveness and different opinions.

BE a challenger

Disrupt the status quo and stand out from the crowd.

BE a game changer

Lead the way and embrace a culture of transformation.

BE an innovator

Focus on solutions and discovering smarter ways.

BE-ST Campus

The BE-ST Campus near Hamilton is where we call home, and you'll find us split across two buildings - the Accelerator Lab and the Zero Carbon Innovation Lab.  

It's here you'll find advanced technology and specialist equipment that can be used for prototyping, commercialisation and training purposes, alongside meeting and event spaces where we can come together to explore the future and learn.

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We are accelerating the built environment’s transition to zero carbon by 2045.

‘Accelerate to Zero’ is our sector-wide road map that ensures ready made, scalable solutions are available for any problems posed by building or retrofitting to zero carbon standards.

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