BE-ST is the launchpad to a zero carbon built environment.

We provide the connections, infrastructure and culture needed to solve the sector’s most pressing challenges. We bring together world-class academia, government bodies and industry at all levels to future-proof the commercial and environmental road forward for our sector.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we're connected to over 50,000 businesses, organisations and individuals in the built environment ecosystem.

We can help your organisation:

  • Develop new products, business models and services
  • Access funding streams
  • Explore advanced equipment at our Innovation Factory
  • Create scalable solutions to industry challenges
  • Enhance knowledge and skills

We work in 5 component areas: 

  • Skills & competency development
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Research and development
  • Adoption of innovation
  • Commercialisation of new products and services (and models)


We connect all players, knowledge and resources in the sector to solve challenges. We use the power of our expansive connected ecosystem to create the platform for higher value green jobs, innovative business models and better societal outcomes.  

It’s also the way that we do things:

Our secret ingredients are our team, culture, assets, systems, processes, network and platform.

We work FOR the whole sector and we work WITH those who can help us to do that best. 

We work with the ambitious, curious, and those who share our mission to create scalable solutions for a better built environment.

We work in a unique space between industry, academia and government to find the best outcomes for all.

Whilst our focus is on the built environment, our remit is broad enough to work with anyone from other sectors who can solve mutual problems and create opportunity.

Yes.  We work with anyone interested in accelerating to zero.  We have something to offer for all businesses large or small. 

SMEs, micro business and those learning in the sector can benefit from skills and knowledge exchange, directly through us or through our network, and also from the work we do with their clients, customers and suppliers, policy makers, professional and trades associations to create opportunities for all. 

We help business access knowledge, innovation, skills, physical assets and expertise to be more resilient, efficient and ultimately achieve zero carbon. 

We give industry access to millions of pounds worth of equipment in our Innovation Factory, open to everyone. Industry can come and play, make mistakes, learn and innovate.

We also help businesses understand the type of culture, mindset and behaviours they need. 

We charge for some services but ultimately we look at ways to add value through collaboration. 

We have charged services such as our specialist equipment and event and meeting space in our factory.

We have free services such as events, training and access to knowledge 

We work across a range of stakeholders to create funding opportunities. This can be with industry and/or the public sector to develop scalable solutions that will benefit the sector and help in our mission.

Our pledge

  • A built environment that produces zero carbon emissions.
  • A sector that is data rich and digitally enabled.
  • Safeguarding of existing jobs & businesses and creating new green jobs & businesses.
  • Greater supply chain resilience.
  • Talent attraction, improved education pathways and a highly skilled workforce.
  • Attraction of inward investment and enabling of businesses to export.
  • More impact from academic investment and help increase business investment in innovation and R&D.
  • Green economic growth across all sectors underpinned by a vibrant and sustainable construction and built environment ecosystem.
  • Eradication of fuel poverty and tackle health inequalities.
  • More efficient use of public investment and support a just transition.
  • Diverse talent attraction and retention.
  • Better places for Scotland’s citizens to live, work and explore.


We’ve been the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre for eight years and in that time, the things we’ve been asked by our industry, academic and public sector partners to support and be part of have evolved, so we needed a new brand that better reflects who we are today and most importantly, where we’re going tomorrow.  

Yes, it’s an unconventional name. But we wanted something that focussed on our purpose, not our organisation.     

It’s a rallying call representing our collective ambition – we’re building a movement and an ethos we hope everyone will want to be part of.

We know the acronym is best. But it’s not about us thinking we’re the best. It’s about us all working together to do our best, to find the best ideas, the best approaches and the best solutions.