Data is one of the most powerful commodities we now have

BE-ST supports the industry at all levels to embrace the possibilities that data offers.

Data can help us make more informed choices, creating a built environment that is designed more effectively and functions better.

  • Helping you understand the potential of your data
  • Proving the impact that data driven decisions can have
  • Promoting best practice

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help with your data strategy and needs.

BE supportive

We can provide support to your business by:

  • Implementing an integrated data strategy
  • Using data for the decarbonisation of sites
  • Finding the right tech to capture data 
  • Using data to increase productivity
  • Making transformational change driven by data
  • Harnessing the benefits from existing data
  • Creating value from data
  • Accessing sector data through the national construction data dashboard

We do this through workshops, webinars, training programmes, other resources and collaborative projects.

Case studies