Open Call – Circular and Sustainable Materials Accelerator

Circular and Sustainable Materials Accelerator

Have you got a solution for a sustainable building material that will help to decarbonise our built environment by having a lower embodied carbon than current alternatives? BE-ST wants to help you on your commercialisation journey.  

Applications have closed but please get in touch if you have any solutions that we may be able to help you with. 

Construction is one of the largest users of raw materials and one of the biggest contributors to waste. For a sustainable future we need to promote the transformation to harvested materials that can lock carbon into our built environment and utilise materials that are derived from abundant waste streams in new circular manufacturing processes.  

The Circular and Sustainable Materials Accelerator is an opportunity to work with BE-ST to progress your product to the next level.  

Successful applicants to this open call can expect a tailored support package* based on their projects needs but may include:  

  • Advice and Mentoring from the Sustainability, MMC, Retrofit and Digital Programmes at BE-ST  
  • Access to the Manufacturing Equipment at BE-ST  
  • Project Partner sourcing and collaboration building 
  • Grant funding for academic support from Scottish Universities (applicable for companies with a presence in Scotland only)
  • Dissemination of research and products through our stakeholder network 

*Note: This is an example of some of the support that could be available to companies interested in engaging with BE-ST through this open call.  Support eligibility is dependent on a number of factors for example: location, trading history and commercialisation model.

We are seeking companies with products that focus on materials which significantly reduce embodied carbon and that are readying to take their products to the marketplace. This can mean that you are either looking to adapt existing products to reduce embodied carbon or support in the creation of new products that are naturally low in carbon, sequestering carbon, or part of a move from linear to circular manufacturing.  

We have tried to keep our criteria very open and to have a process that allows us to get to know you and your needs. The Academic funding that is administered by BE-ST is only available for companies with a presence in Scotland. We can partner with you on applications to other funding bodies.

If this sounds like an opportunity for you, we invite you to submit a proposal.  

Proposals should be focused on a singular material or building element that will have scalable impact. We are interested in hearing how you think your material will be applied in new build applications and in the growing retrofit market, but this call is not seeking system solutions.  

Those entering this open call should be able to submit their ideas without the need to develop detailed proposals at this stage as this will form part of our support.  

We request that you complete the application form as comprehensively as possible, but we understand that some sections may not apply to your project. This open call is designed to be inclusive of all material types, to facilitate this we do ask that you are able to clearly articulate the potential carbon savings of your proposal. We are interested in structural materials, building blocks, tiles, insulation, membranes, fixings, surface treatments and some of the more permanent fixtures and fittings. 

It is beneficial to define where you think your project is on the technology readiness levels, we aim to support projects that are TRL 3 and above, by this we mean that there is already a working prototype or completed feasibility study. 


  • The Circular and Sustainable Materials Development Programme Application Form 


  • Up to five images limited to 3mb per image at 300dpi 
  • One video no longer than five minutes or 25mb  
  • PDF reports that support claims made in your application form   

Key dates 

  • Applications have closed but please get in touch if you have any solutions that we may be able to help you with. 
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