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The BE-ST Open Learning Academy aims to equip the industry with the knowledge and skills to drive sustainable development and innovation in the built environment sector.

Our curriculum focuses on emerging areas within the built environment sector, ensuring learners stay ahead in this rapidly evolving industry.

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Building on the success of our impactful courses, we continue to co-design a variety of accredited learning opportunities with our partner institutes.

Latest opportunities

BE-ST | Coaction

Passivhaus Practical Training

Alongside Coaction, we are delighted to offer Passvihaus Practiclal Training endorsed by the Passivhaus Trust

During the day our hands-on activities will give you rapid upskilling of:

  • Designing for construction: what’s really needed to get it right and what are the consequences of not doing it well
  • How to assess the risks in a design.
  • What can go wrong, how to avoid it, and remedial work; learn from our experience and mistakes!
  • What good looks like: airtightness, insulation and more.
  • What it takes to achieve airtightness.
  • Impact of sequencing and material choices on build quality.

Scotland's move to Passivhaus

Passivhaus in Practice

From December 2024, all new housing in Scotland will be built to the highest energy efficiency standards: a Scottish Passivhaus equivalent. Don't get left behind and enquire about attending a Passivhaus in Practice session for you or your organisation. 

Our courses are suitable for designers, consultants and contractors.