Offsite Solutions Scotland

Making Scotland a centre of excellence for offsite manufacturing

Building on the good work achieved through the Offsite Hub, there was opportunity to develop the collaboration further into a legal entity and limited company, enabling the collaboration to receive investment and secure business.


Offsite Solutions Scotland

Offsite Solutions Scotland (OSS) is a regional co-operative of key industry companies and stakeholders active in offsite construction who are working together to address skills challenges, improve market awareness and drive cultural change to foster national and international growth for the sector. BE-ST are an Observer on the board of the company and have supported the establishment of the company together with Cooperative Development Scotland (CDS) and financed the support of an independent part-time facilitator / co-ordinator who assisted further development of the group’s activities.


Offsite Solution Scotland

Offsite Solutions Scotland (OSS) is a unique co-operative of leading Scottish offsite companies, with an established heritage and expertise. Explore their website to find out how OSS can provide solutions tailored to your design, manufacturing and construction needs.

  • Establishment of a formal consortium and limited company of 9 leading offsite manufacturing construction companies in Scotland
  • Winner of the CDS Collaboration Prize
  • Supported the development of the independent “Strategic Review of Offsite in Scotland” sector baselining report.
  • BE-ST co-funded a market research and stakeholder mapping project on the Scottish and English Residential Construction Marketplaces.
  • Co Operative Development Scotland
  • Scottish Enterprise
  • BE-ST
  • Edinburgh Napier University
  • Offsite Solutions Scotland