Sebastian Andraos

Chief Executive Officer, HAL Robotics Ltd

Having trained to be an architect and practiced for a number of years, Sebastian shifted his focus to robotics in 2013 to facilitate the adoption of digital automation within the construction, design and craft industries. Sebastian specialises in Computational Linguistics and Natural Human-Machine Interfaces.

In 2014, Sebastian co-founded, HAL Robotics, a London-based software company focusing on novel applications of robotics in manufacturing, construction, and creative industries who, since 2014 we have been helping their clients in the UK, Europe, North America and Australasia innovate and get to market faster, by providing them with robust and highly flexible solutions to program, simulate, control and monitor processes involving industrial machinery.

As well as covering traditionally automated processes, HAL Robotics specialise in the programming of complex toolpaths, such as those required in additive manufacturing; highly variable jobs allowing production of small batches and unique items; and applications which require adapting robot tasks from various software ecosystems.