Ep 106: Carbon Co-Op with Aneaka Kellay

Carbon Co-Op with Aneaka Kellay

What a way to finish this series on place-based community focused retrofit initiatives! This week we had the pleasure of speaking to Aneaka Kellay from Carbon Co-op in Manchester, an energy services and advocacy cooperative that helps people and communities to make the radical reductions in home carbon emissions.


Aneaka works in the Retrofit Team and Energy Commons Team. She is experienced in workshop development, facilitation, and community engagement. And that’s the gold that Aneaka brings to this conversation. The fundamental importance of meaningful engagement to make retrofit stick! We covered a lot of other ground, from the finance models for retrofit, to training and the role of local authorities.


We also spoke about B 4 Box, a construction training provider and employer with a difference and social justice at its core. Aneaka also mentioned Hannah Dixon at Progress in Practice and the Power in the City podcast.

Towards the end of this recording we were joined by Jonathan Atkinson of Carbon Coop and begin to set the scene for the bonus episode that we’ll treat you to next week. Happy listening!