Ep 104: Homebaked CLT with Tom Murphy and Britt Jurgensen

Homebaked CLT with Tom Murphy and Britt Jurgensen

In this week's episode, we explore the growing movement of community-driven initiatives and their impact on local communities. Against the backdrop of social and economic challenges, we speak with Homebaked CLT, a community land trust in Liverpool bringing about change for the better in their community. Both residents, they’ve been working in Anfield and Everton for over 12 years now. They talk about the need to be patient, to build trust and to get organised. Recognising there is a movement building in this place based community driven work, they mention collaborating with other great organisations such as Carbon Coop and South East London Community Energy.


As part of their work they’re developing a deep retrofit of a terrace in their neighbourhood and will soon launch a community share offer to raise the funds to deliver it. Please follow their work and consider supporting them if you can.