Team ESTEEM - Scotland's Solar Decathlon Middle East Finalist

Team ESTEEM were a student team participating in the Solar Decathlon Middle East, the world’s largest design and construction competition. They built an innovative house of the future powered exclusively with solar energy.

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They were the only UK entry to the competition, with an additional 18 international universities also taking part. The innovative house was powered by Photovoltaic panels and was constructed with Scottish timber (a UK first) sourced from locally grown trees. The house showcased several other groundbreaking technologies including AI integration and intelligent cooling solutions.


The competition ran in conjunction with Expo2021 in Dubai.


The home was made from Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels, made for one of the first times ever in a Scottish factory using Scottish timber. They hope to make the business case for the use of CLT in construction throughout the UK, helping to promote local industry and reduce carbon emissions from timber transportation.


The prefabricated home was shipped from Edinburgh and assembled in Dubai in November 2021. The home focuses on intelligent selection of natural, recyclable materials enhanced by smart technology to reduce energy use.


The core team has over 120 student members, who are divided into a number of sub-teams, each taking responsibility for the development of a particular aspect of the project. This includes renewable energy systems, architecture, construction, sponsorship, social media and services design among several others. 



Catch up on the journey below