Promoting diversity and inclusion in the built environment

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Get the tools and skills you need to enhance your diversity and inclusion. Explore our series of workshops, discussion forums and virtual events focusing on raising awareness and sharing best practice from organisations large and small.

Our sector won't achieve gender equality until 2194

We must address this slow progress and become more multigenerational, culturally diverse and accessible to all.

Embracing diversity and inclusion makes the built environment fairer, more appealing and will help ensure a brighter future

Key takeaways


of our attendees said they understand the importance of diversity and inclusion but still have work to do


had enhanced their focus on diversity and inclusion in the previous 12 months


agreed that we must attract a more diverse range of people into the sector

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How to use the toolbox talks

This is a library of information that is freely available to all within construction to help grow their diversity and inclusion programmes on site. We know that there is a long way to go in construction to become a diverse and inclusive sector and a culture change is required, including recruiting a more diverse team to allow for a more productive and innovative sector. Having these conversations on site daily is a step in the right direction.

The resources are for SME construction companies looking to create safe spaces to have these discussions as part of their daily toolbox talk.

This is a library for all team members to use and we encourage team members from all parts of the organisation to get involved. 

It is recommended to talk about a different topic daily as part of the normal toolbox talk.

These talks are easily accessible by mobile or tablet or can be printed off prior to arrival on site. We recommend a site team member or whoever feels most comfortable use the main points off the documents as a springboard to start the conversation around diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

It should only take 5 minutes and if anyone is looking for further information on any topic there are support links and information that can be accessed.

We believe that every member of staff is important in this diversity and inclusion journey and want these discussions to be between employee and employee rather than management to employee. We want you to inspire each other and create spaces to add these daily toolbox talks into your working day. We understand it is not easy to start these conversations and we hope these short toolbox talks will be a starting point to your diversity and inclusion journey.