Liam Kelly

Sustainability Coordinator, Allies and Morrison

  1. What made you interested in working in the Built Environment?

I thought my engineering degree would best go to work on decarbonising buildings, things that are very tangible and all around us. Having understood building physics well it was a logical step to go in to. Helping people to live in better conditions and be proud of the homes they live in is really important to me.


  1. Why did you join the Built Environment Change Makers?


I want to make a positive and meaningful impact on the Built Environment, learning from a group who are all motivated to improve upon what we’re doing and drive change. This group seemed like the best place to work with these people and be closely linked to the construction industry who will be building the buildings designers are designing.


  1. What are your top 3 knowledge areas that you are bringing to the Built Environment Change Makers?
  • Passivhaus
  • energy systems
  • Early-stage design analysis


  1. What are you hoping to achieve?

I’m hoping to achieve progression in the Built Environment, with an ultimate goal of affecting policy change. We’ve seen that this is the biggest driver of change as a lot of the sector won’t change if it doesn’t have to.

I’d also like to see an upskilling of the construction industry, so we are proud of the buildings we build, rather than just seeing them as a job to be finished. Leaving a lasting legacy on the urban landscape should be exciting!