Kasia Kozlowska

Sustainability Consultant at Atelier Ten

  1. What made you interested in working in the Built Environment?

I have always been fascinated by cities and loved history of art and architecture. But I also enjoyed maths and chemistry and I couldn’t  decide for a long time what to study. I have applied for environmental engineering in my home country, Poland, and architectural technology in Denmark and decided to study in Scandinavia. Scandinavian countries are leading the way in sustainable design, so I also had a chance to learn about sustainability.

I think working in the building industry gives us a chance to combine a lot of different areas, while shaping what’s around us. I still find it fascinating, especially with the drive towards net zero, self-sufficient and regenerative architecture.


  1. Why did you join the Built Environment Change Makers?

I have been inspired by the people I have met during 2050 Climate Group Young Leaders Development Programme. The group included people from various backgrounds, but all of them were interested in creating a sustainable and just future for all.

I have joined BE Change Makers to work with people passionate about the building industry and making a positive change.


  1. What are your top 3 knowledge areas that you are bringing to the Built Environment Change Makers?

Architectural Technology / Low Carbon Buildings / Circular Economy


What are you hoping to achieve?

I hope that together with other BE Change Makers we can help in integrating sustainability in the built environment education and support the industry in shaping a more circular and inclusive built environment.