Karen Ridgewell

Principal Design Officer, Architecture and Design Scotland

The built environment is having a significant impact on our planet and its inhabitants, my motivation is to prioritise approaches that reduce, stop, and reverse the damage it is inflicting on our natural world.  I want to see a world that is thriving and adapted to the impacts of climate change.  Where the world’s population have access to food, shelter and clean energy and are working together to prioritise and protect the biodiversity that our survival is so intrinsically linked. 

Acting on the Climate and Biodiversity Emergencies have been the motivation for my working practice for over 15 years. It began at University when working on volunteer projects for local charities and self-build groups in Brighton and has continued throughout my time within an Architectural Practice, a national Contractor, and an Active Travel charity. I am now a Principal Design Officer at Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS) focusing on the intersection between climate action and a place-based approach, a Trustee of Creative Carbon Scotland and the Chair of A Place in Childhood, a charity that supports young people to change our world.