Iain Fairnington

Technical Director, A Proctor Group

After graduating from Napier University with an HND in Building and a BSc (Hons) in Building Engineering and management, Iain has been with the A Proctor Group for nearly 30 years where he have been initially internal sales/technical, then Technical manager and now Technical Director.

Iain has extensive experience in construction membranes both vapour control, air tightness and vapour permeable. he sits on various pitched roofing technical committees including BS 5534, NFRC Slating and Tiling Technical meetings and BS 5250 where he sat on the roofing subcommittee and chaired the Wall subcommittee meetings as well as sitting on the main committee. Iain recently completed a CIOB Level 6 Certificate in Fire safety for Construction. Iain also deal with APG extensive range of gas contaminated land membranes and systems.

Iain has been involved in our acoustic flooring development, and involved in HBF robust details development.

He heads up the various Innovation groups within the A Proctor Group which includes roofing, Fire, High Rise and Facades, Offsite/Modular, Gas contaminated land, Accessories, Acoustics, General Idea Generation and Sustainability.