Home for Learning - Scotland's Student Design Challenge

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Scotland's new Student Design Challenge, Home for Learning, has launched to inspire young people in High Schools, Colleges and Universities to help solve environmental change. 

MOBIE, Built Environment - Smarter Transformation and the City of Glasgow College with Scottish Water are inviting the Young People of Scotland to work together to imagine ingenious ways our homes could help solve environmental challenges.


Our homes are one of the largest consumers of energy. They are not only inefficient in the way they operate and conserve energy, but also in their fabric and the way they are built. On top of this, the traditional forms of energy used to power our homes are carbon intensive and harmful to the natural environment. We need radical improvement to meet the net-zero emissions targets that will stop climate change.


Your challenge is to design a sustainable and energy efficient family home that can be used as a showcase and education space for renewable energy, low carbon technologies and new construction methods.


If you or your college or school would like to arrange an online meeting to discuss any details or ask questions about the competition please contact Gerry Ruffles gerry@mobie.org.uk. Submission date for your entries is: 8th June 2022 To find out more please download and read the brief linked to the left.


Get your school involved

Join the Home for Learning workshop at the City of Glasgow College 16th May.


All sign ups are welcome

BE-ST will offer support with project development. You can also email kduncan@best.build to sign up and find out more.

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