BE-ST Fest '23

Breaking Barriers

The UK’s biggest festival for a zero-carbon built environment will play host to transformative discussion and knowledge exchange on how we can break through barriers to accelerate our journey to zero carbon.

As we reach COP28 let’s accelerate the progress made in the last year and do what needs to be done to keep the momentum going.

BE-ST Fest 2023 is a three-month festival showcasing best practice, new solutions, hands-on training, and emerging opportunities for a zero-carbon built environment. The month will build up to the summit at our innovation campus on Wednesday 1st November. The conference will bring together different players across the sector who are focussed on the future of decarbonising our built environment.

Break through barriers to accelerate our journey to zero carbon.

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BE-ST Fest 22 was a powerful and insightful experience. It had the perfect blend of learning and empowerment, showcasing and participating. I left with a clear understanding of what I can do, as a construction professional, to contribute towards a more sustainable, smarter built environment. BE-ST Fest 22 - delegate