Virtual reality headset


Why choose the virtual reality headset?

Our virtual reality headset offers users the opportunity to experience fully immersive environments. Fully immersive environments allow for targeted training, client presentations, design idea dissemination and guided work instructions. The virtual reality enables discussion and development of future and potential projects in a photo realistic setting.

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Like AR technology the virtual reality headset helps users efficiently interpret physical and digital information, and the spatial relations between them. 

The VR setup can be used to visualise proposed developments or new systems of work.

Based in factory conditions, this offers the ability to alternate between virtually created content and real-life demonstration.

  • Contextual representation: Digital designs can be realised and represented in a virtual context. Immersed in a digital environment, users can interact, interpret and understand a concept or idea in a 1:1 environment.
  • Training: Potential to train operatives with virtual and unique environments which represent the actual process.
  • Safety: The ability to represent dangers or difficult environments allows operatives the opportunity to experience varied processes and techniques in a controlled situation. 
  • 3D Visualisation: Users can visualise 3D designs/ drawings and engage and interact with the data.
  • Reduced costs: Capable of simulating a range of features within a project prior to its development enables users to accurately choose the best solutions and prevent any issues later in development.  

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Technical information

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