Multi-material 3D printer

Projet 2.5

Why choose the multi-material 3D printer?

Our large format multi-material 3D printer offers an industrial scale build volume meaning you can create 3D models faster and larger. The material quality allows working structural prototypes to be created and developed. The extended build volume means scale models can be larger and printed in one batch. The multi-material prints allow mixing and blending of material properties. Printing fuses together flexible and rigid material, optimising the finished product’s attributes.

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3D printing is ideal for staged prototyping and product development. Working prototype models allow direct comparison and testing with the physical environment.

The multi-material 3D printer can complete a wide range of applications for both large and small prototypes for a variety of applications including over-moulded parts, multi-material assemblies, rubber-like components, dies, jigs, fixtures, brackets among many others.


  • Versatile: Capable of printing a range of material finishes.
  • Volume: The large build plate is ideal for industrial sized components or larger batch production of smaller items.
  • Speed: Faster than traditional prototyping processes.
  • Definition: The high accuracy of the print allows fine and detailed features or models.
  • Reduced costs: 3D printing requires low initial capital investment. Tooling and moulds are not required to create new products.

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Technical information

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