Rachel McKay

Project Manager – NHS National Services Scotland

  1. What made you interested in working in the Built Environment?

Throughout my career, I have worked in the digital transformation sector which I enjoy as it’s fast-paced and ever changing.  In 2021, I moved to work within the Digital Estate & Asset Management team within NHS National Service Scotland and have enjoyed learning more about the Digital Estate and how this fits in the Built Environment.  I was specifically interested in working in this area as there is massive potential in the coming years with what the Digital Estate can achieve including aiding sustainability improvements.

  1. Why did you join the Built Environment Change Makers?

Working within Digital Estate over the past few years has increased my knowledge of the Built Environment and I want to continue to develop this.  I like the idea of collaborating and networking with likeminded people from across the industry who want to deliver change.  I also thought I could bring a different perspective to the group as working for NHS Scotland, I’ll be bringing experience from the Client side.

  1. What are your top 3 knowledge areas that you are bringing to the Built Environment Change Makers?
  • Project Management
  • Digital transformation
  • BIM
  1. What are you hoping to achieve?

I hope to make the younger generation more aware of the industry, specifically that the Built Environment is not just about construction and that there are also digital avenues to explore as a career choice.