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Only 15% of people involved in construction are women. Women make up less than 2% of modern construction apprentices in Scotland and only 1% of workers on-site.

Yet a 2016 report published by McKinsey found that companies with higher gender diversity outperformed male dominated competitors by up to 15%. If we are to meet complex infrastructure challenges related to climate change, population growth and technological transformation, the sector needs to take steps towards recruiting, training and retaining a diverse workforce, particularly at a time when we are experiencing a growing skills gap, aging workforce and uncertainty around both COVID and Brexit.


Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd. In partnership with City of Glasgow College, Equate Scotland and Construction Scotland Innovation Centre were determined to create a tool to support businesses in the construction space to make the necessary changes to recruit and retain a more diverse workforce that will not only have positive effects within the company but across the whole industry.




Inclusive Value: Gender Equality Toolkit for the Construction Industry The project aimed to uncover the variety of barriers keeping more women from entering and staying within construction and address them by creating a suite of digital resources to help companies drive change. This included an online digital platform, a data tracking toolkit & a free guidance handbook, which are all accessable at



  • Delivered industry-changing best practice for gender equality in construction
  • Developed a digital self-assessment toolkit & a guidance document
  • Provided forward an industry benchmark on gender equality
  • Gives small to medium sized businesses a clear action path towards a more diverse and skilled-varied workforce
  • Provoked an industry wide discussion on how we approach recruitment, retention, fair work, diversity and inclusion A new approach to recruitment, retention, fair work, diversity and inclusion.

August 2018 - November 2020

  • Sir Robert McAlpine
  • City of Glasgow College
  • Equate Scotland
  • Built Environment - Smarter Transformation