Scotland Sustainability Summit

As consumers become increasingly aware of environmental issues and concerned about how the products they buy are sourced, produced and packaged, sustainability has risen up the corporate agenda.


However, the definition of sustainability is rapidly evolving to encompass the entire product lifecycle – from raw materials sourcing to processing, to delivery to the retailer and the ultimate consumer, and finally to disposal/recycling. The way consumers view plastic has radically changed and will increase the use of recyclable and bio-based packaging.


This more encompassing view of sustainability and the move towards a circular economy will require greater collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers, Governments, retailers and consumers.


Scottish companies across all industrial sectors are looking to reduce their ecological footprints and are already pursuing sustainability strategies, from ethical sourcing to responsible packaging, as a means of differentiating their products in the eyes of consumers. Of course, the adoption of sustainability practices can also lead to improving operational efficiency by reducing costs, such as water and energy, and waste.


Scotland Sustainability Summit

The Sustainability Summit, which is co-located at the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition, being held at the SEC Glasgow on the 13th October 2022, will provide the opportunity to keep up-to-date with the latest trends, innovations, best practice and new technological solutions. The Summit will address areas such as optimising water usage, renewable energy, sustainable packaging and waste minimisation, and moving towards a circular economy.