(re)GROWN: Sowing a Bio-based Material Culture - In Discussion

The future of construction is homegrown? Debate bringing together leading figures and material innovators within the construction industry.

The premise behind (re)Grown is simple - in order to act as the agents of sustainable change and transformation required to meet the social and environmental crises of our time, the construction industry must develop holistic strategies for sustainable intervention and rapidly adopt a de-carbonised, bio-based and circular material culture.

For the 2023 edition of Scotland’s Architecture Fringe festival themed ‘(R)Evolution’, New Future Construction in collaboration with Material Cultures have developed an exhibition and public events programme.

Alongside the exhibition, we are hosting a critical debate evening which brings together leading figures and material innovators from across the construction industry, each of whom will offer a differing perspective on, or area of engagement within, the built environment.


‘The future of construction is homegrown?’

Structured around this provocation, we invite the panel and audience to speak candidly and polemically. No ideas, thoughts, and opinions are to be dismissed and none are discouraged. As the evening unfolds we hope to foster and atmosphere that is both playful and provocative. Our intention is to create liberating and enjoyable evening while confronting critical subjects head.

We ask all attendees to critically reassess their relationship with the built environment by engaging with our landscapes and its resources holistically.


Hosted by:

Sam Patterson - Associate Impact Manager / Sustainability Programme (BE-ST)

Speakers to be confirmed. 

(re)GROWN: Sowing a Bio-based Material Culture - In Discussion

Thursday 8th June - 6-10pm