Net Zero Scotland

Discover how innovation and technologies can help the public sector and ALL industries involved in climate change adaptation to meet the Net Zero Nation challenge, through keynote speakers, expert panel discussions and project case studies.

Accelerating the deployment of innovative technologies will help cut carbon emissions while maintaining a competitive and thriving sector. We have a clear destination, now let’s plot the journey and push national governments to go further and faster, from promise to action.


By attending this event, you will:

  • Understand the scope of the net-zero challenge and the urgency for the public sector, third sector, businesses and everyone involved to meet it;

  • Hear from a panel of industry leaders on how adopting innovative technologies can bring significant carbon and cost savings to the public sector, third sector and private sector assets, estates and facilities owners;

  • Find out how corporations are overcoming the challenges faced when setting their own decarbonisation targets.

Net Zero Scotland

March 29th 2023