Net Zero Neighbourhoods Workshop

The Scottish National Investment Bank and BE-ST, together with partners Bankers without Boundaries, ARUP, Eunomia and Dark Matter Labs invite you to a workshop to share learning and support initiatives aimed at delivering Net Zero Neighbourhoods at scale and pace in Scotland.

To drive Net Zero in local places, there is a need for professionals from finance, social engagement, engineering, policy, procurement, organisational design and many other areas to collaborate in a unique and unprecedented way.


The purpose of the workshop is to bring together key organisations and people working on decarbonising neighbourhoods to:

  1. Build a community of experts and practitioners in Scotland who have strong links and can support one another to deliver on shared goals.
  2. Work together to support the development of 4-5 key projects by sharing expertise and problem solving to move those projects forward.


Join us to begin discussions and establish collaborations to accelerate our path to a zero carbon future.



  • 1300: Optional Factory Tour*
  • 1330: Arrival and refreshments
  • 1400: Welcome, Introductions and pitches
  • 1430: Workshop session
  • 1530: Afternoon refreshments
  • 1550: Summary, reflections, and next steps
  • 1700: Close


Register here.