Low Carbon Learning: Fabric and Structure practical training

Through the lens of carbon accounting this programme will focus on the fabric and structure of a net zero building, highlighting mass timber solutions and insulation types.

This will be a scalable model that will create a structure for exploring other opportunities and ways to reach net zero through building materials, products, and component parts.


Practical training days to choose from:

  • Carbon accounting - 01/06
  • Retrofit and Passivhaus - 08/06
  • Mass timber - 20/06
  • Fabric first - 22/06

Up next: Carbon Accounting practical training

The Carbon Accounting practical module will facilitate open discussion around the different approaches to carbon accounting, including some of the challenges, barriers, benefits and opportunities It will also include a worked example of carbon footprint calculation for a medium scale construction project and examples of how other types of firms are tackling Carbon Accounting, with a review of some of the resources and further learning opportunities available. Delivered by Dr. Sarah Graham.