Construction Procurement Reform: Solutions Workshop B

Do you want to influence the future of construction procurement in Scotland?

From discussions in the development of the recently agreed Construction Accord, there has been a recognition that there is an industry desire for reform in the procurement of construction contracts. The Construction Accord also recognises the role that construction procurement can play in driving improvement and success for the industry. Procurement reform has the potential to drive innovation towards sustainable development, provide equitable and accessible processes, support collaborative practices across the sector and deliver wider community benefits.


In June 2022 the Scottish Government started an engagement process with an industry survey to gather views about the procurement of construction contracts in Scotland. This work was carried out by BE-ST on behalf of the Scottish Government and produced a set of results that supported the message that procurement reform should be considered to achieve improvements desired of and by the industry.


Building on the work of the survey, a series of facilitated workshops will further develop the themes identified from the survey results. The Innovation School at the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) are experts in exploring complex system issues and codesigning collaborative solutions. A team from GSA, with support from BE-ST, will now work with the Scottish Government to deliver a series of iterative workshops to explore and inform construction procurement reform considerations.


We are inviting participant stakeholders from across the construction sector to attend any or all of the following workshops. Tickets for the Exploratory Workshop and the Solutions Options Workshops are available to book now.


Exploratory Workshop – Wednesday 1st March, 13.00 to 16.00.


BE-ST 3 Watt Place, Hamilton, Scotland, G72 0AH


This workshop explored emerging challenge areas from the survey results and invite attendees to think openly about alternative models of procurement in response.


Solutions Options Workshop A – Tuesday 21st March, 10.00 - 13.00


BE-ST 3 Watt Place, Hamilton, Scotland, G72 0AH


In this workshop we will look at options of how to address the challenges discussed in the Exploratory Workshop and identify their potential beneficiaries, impacts and feasibility.


Solutions Options Workshop B – Friday 31st March, 10.00 - 13.00


An Lòchran, HIE Inverness Campus, Inverness IV2 5NA


This workshop will function as a repeat of Solutions Options Workshop A for attendees in a different geography.


Recommendations Workshop – Tuesday 9th May, 10.00 - 13.00


BE-ST 1 Watt Place, Hamilton, Scotland, G72 0AH


In this workshop attendees will generate and prioritise a set of recommendations for procurement reform and contribute towards the recommendations and road-mapping of future developments.


Workshops are being conducted in person to fully benefit from the interactive element of the workshop design. We are however keen to not exclude engagement from those who are unable to travel to venue locations due to distance and will consider how we can separately engage remotely with others depending on numbers interested. If you are unable to attend any of the workshops above but are keen to have some engagement with the process, please contact Tom Warren at


By attending any of the workshops you will contribute to informing improvements within construction procurement. All recommendations and outcomes from these facilitated workshops will be fed back into the appropriate Construction Accord workstreams to inform those tasked with taking forward improvements in construction related activities.


Register for the workshops: